What's A dooWiki?

dooWikis are HTML content blocks that can be embedded into any web page enabling users to simply double-click on them whenever edits need to be made. You can also use dooWikis to add wiki capabilities to your own website without any additional software or redirecting users to a third-party wiki site. To see a real-world example, take a look at this website which runs entirely on dooWikis. Just double-click the announcement in the upper-right corner to see one in action.


Need A Wiki Page?

If you don't have your own website to embed your dooWikis into, just host them here on this site.  Each dooWiki receives its own unique Web address that can be shared with anyone. Here's an Example dooWiki Page showing a video entitled Wikis in Plain English.

If you want to learn more about wikis, here's a link to the complete history on Wikipedia.


Protect Your dooWikis!

Create a User Account to protect your dooWikis from unauthorized changes. "Private" dooWikis can only be edited by you or members of your Group.


Show Me!

Roll over the magnifying glass to reveal all the different dooWikis used on this page.  Double-click any one of them to bring up the editor.


Tips & Tricks

These Tips & Tricks will teach you a few things that will help you become a professional dooWikian.


Ready To Get Started?

Go ahead and Create Your Own dooWiki (no plug-ins, gadgets, or downloads required). It's quick, it's easy, and best of all, it's FREE!!

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